Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Dear Leaders,

Today, we intend to put an end to circulating rumors that MonaVie intends to launch in India. Well, it’s official! Plans are well underway to enter India late in the third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2011. 
You should know that development efforts have been underway for some time and that we are making very positive and promising progress in all of our efforts. In fact, MonaVie just finalized a lease agreement on a property in Chennai, India 
(southern India), that will become the headquarters of our early presence in this fascinating country. It is a beautiful and large facility that will accommodate all of the services we intend to offer to our new MonaVie India family.Raj Lingam, who joined the MonaVie staff just four months ago as Regional Vice President of South Asia, along with Gavon Barkdull, Managing Director of New and Emerging Market Development, are actively managing this effort with the charge and objective of making this the most polished opening in our history. There are many new challenges and opportunities that will make our offering of services unique and customized to this region of the world. We are very optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in India.
Pre-Enrollments to Occur One Month before Launch To complement this effort and to ensure an equitable playing field for all, MonaVie will enforce a strict pre-enrollment  policy for India. It is our intent to allow pre-enrollments through an enrollment process, specific to India, at least one month prior to our official opening. Efforts to Enroll India residents through other open MonaVie markets in advance of this authorized pre-enrollment period will NOT be recognized. Please understand that NO exceptions will be made. In fact, in order to further discourage such counter-productive activity, MonaVie will act decisively to terminate any such deceptively created distributorship and levy a significant fine on the sponsoring distributorship. A field communication will be sent well in advance of the authorized pre-enrollment period to inform interested distributors when they may begin to officially Enroll prospective distributors in India.

We ask that you re-familiarize yourselves with sections 2.3 and 4.13 of MonaVie’s official Global Statement of Policies and Procedures titled “Unfair Competition” and “International Marketing,” respectively, which outline our official policies and procedures governing enrollment behaviors and pre-market activities in unopened markets. We appreciate all you will do to maintain and encourage the highest ethical business-building standards and to respect the efforts of others, who likewise will seek to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. We encourage you to expect the same from the many who look to you for your leadership.

We support desires you may have to travel to India to introduce the MonaVie opportunity and to begin forging relationships with prospective distributors. Be advised, however, that MonaVie will treat all prospective India distributors as “free agents” until they have successfully completed the enrollment process during the authorized pre-enrollment period. We ask all distributors to be sensitive to and respectful of those who may have already established relationships with prospective distributors.

Additional Updates to FollowIn time, we will have more to share with you regarding our initial Product offering and pricing, any compensation plan refinements intended to support this unique region of the world, and the location of our office. We will also be eager to introduce you to our general manager and other MonaVie India support personnel. Until then, we encourage you to be conservative and appropriate in your representations. In the coming weeks, we anticipate having a MonaVie India website (www.monavieonthemove.com/india) where you can go to retrieve the latest information about this developing opportunity.

As always, we acknowledge and appreciate your remarkable leadership and influence across the globe and your support in our efforts to introduce MonaVie to the expanded global marketplace.
We will look forward to further communications with you on this exciting, future opportunity.



20 Sept speak asia Update

Dear all

                             Today speak asia representative  meet top  official of RBI....RBI  will report in 2 week....we and our  company is forwading in right direction...

jasrawat singh

Speak Asia .......breaking news.......


NEW DELHI: A group of panelists of Singapore- based multi-level marketing company Speak Asia, which has been accused of duping investors, has approached the Supreme Court for recovering their money from the firm.
Around 115 investors, who had put their money in the firm, have filed a petition before the apex court in this regard.
“After hearing our petition, the Supreme Court has issued notices to Finance Ministry, Reserve Bank of India, Speak Asia and Haren Ventures to reply in two weeks,” Rajeev Ranjan Raj, the advocate representing the investors, told reporters today.
The Singapore-based marketing company, which is not incorporated in India, has been accused of duping investors across the country to the tune of Rs 1,300 crore within a period of about one year.
Speak Asia had reportedly enrolled 1.2 million members, which are called panelists.
Following allegations of fraud by investors, Economic Offences Wing (EoW) has seized around Rs 150 crore from distributors and sub-distributors of the firm along with some other assets. Further investigations are going on by various government agencies.

Speak Asia the only legal company.

speak 755x1024 Letter from the management Eng/Hindi